Gilles Herrada

Same-sex love is incomprehensible to those who refuse its existence, obviously, but also to homosexuals.

Judge for yourself.

By all accounts, homosexuality is a biological paradox — a “mistake” of nature, if you will. But if same-sex behavior is an aberration, from a reproductive standpoint, why is it widespread among humans, primates, and so many other animal species? How can it be an anomaly then? And if homosexuality isn’t a “mistake” of nature, then what is it and why has it been favored by evolution? …

Why is homosexuality a moral issue? We all know about Christianity’s obsession with anything homosexual. We all know about the Bible. Yet, how can we explain why more homosexuals died under Communist and Nazi rules than during the entire Christian Inquisition? Why has Islam, traditionally so tolerant, become so virulent against homosexuals today? Ultimately, why does homosexuality have the history that it has? …

Last but not least, if homosexuality is not a sin, a perversion, a mental disorder, or an unresolved Oedipus complex, what is a “normal” homosexual psyche like? What spectrum of experience does being gay or lesbian entail? How do homosexuals become aware of their difference? And how does homosexual identity evolve? …


What on earth is homosexuality and why are we having so much difficulty making sense of it?

Those are some of the many questions that we need to address — answers that we need to find.

To make sense of homosexuality, this is what The Missing Myth is about.

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    With astounding scholarship, Gilles Herrada provides a panoramic view on the myths and mysteries of same-sex love. It will be a key work, for sure, in the coming decades as society's understanding of LGBT people deepens and evolves.

Mark Thompson, author of the Gay Spirit, Gay Soul, Gay Body trilogy

The Missing Myth

A New Vision of Same-Sex Love